Careers and Training

Careers and Training, Picture of Goodwill Training CenterWhatever barriers to employment you face, Goodwill Industries, Big Bend Inc. is here to help. We believe in the transformative power of work and are deeply committed to helping individuals with disabilities and other challenges secure sustainable employment and enjoy a greater sense of independence, dignity, purpose and pride.

At our Career Training Centers, located throughout the Panhandle of Florida, and at the Prosperity Center in Tallahassee, we provide individuals with no-cost career counseling, resume workshops, interviewing skills, job coaching, access to job search tools, referrals to advanced education courses and a broad spectrum of additional practical aids that help prepare individuals for the workforce and enable them to get back on their feet.

Individual challenges range from physical and developmental disabilities to other vocational obstacles, such as a teen who lacks work experience, or a mature worker whose job has been outsourced. Aided by training, education, new skills acquisition and career counseling and placement services, we help thousands of individuals achieve career success every year.