Car & Boat Donations

We’ve seen your car & boat…and we still want it!

Location: 2608 W. Tennessee Street in Tallahassee, FL. 850-656-8000

Car & Boat Donations, Car Key Fob PhotoWe accept donated cars throughout the 22 counties in the Big Bend that we serve. At this time our only car dealership is in Tallahassee. Vehicles donated outside of Tallahassee are brought back to Tallahassee to inspect, clean, and sell.

In Panama City, vehicles may be taken to the Goodwill facility at 3207 E. 4th Street Panama City, FL.

A vehicle does not have to be running to donate it. Goodwill provides free towing, usually the same day. The donor does not have to be present when the car is picked up, but the title is required at the time of the donation.

For information on donating a car to Goodwill visit or call 850-656-8000 or toll free at 866-656-6944.

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