Estate and Home Pick Up Services

Relocating? Call Goodwill.

Estate and Home Pick Up Services, Relocating? Call Goodwill, Picture of Moving Boxes

Our donation professionals will come right to you to pick up any clothing, shoes, furniture, books, toys, sporting goods, tools glassware and more right from your home. Donations are tax deductible. Donors are responsible for determining and documenting the value of their donations. Receipts will be given out at pick-up

Home Pick Up Hotline at 1-800-924-4003

Settling an estate? Call Goodwill.

Whether you’re helping a loved one move into assisted living or emptying the house after a loved one has passed away, Goodwill’s Estate Pick-Up Program can help.

Goodwill Professionals will:

  1. Itemize, pack & remove your donations
  2. Provide itemized inventory donation receipt
  3. Take all items eligible for donation

There’s no cost for these services and donations are tax-deductible. To get started contact:

Diane M. Eyles
Donation Acquisition Specialist
(850) 510-5982
Email: Click Here

or call your local Home Pick Up Hotline at 1-800-924-4003.


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