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 AmeriCorps Members

Our AmeriCorps Goodwill GoodWorks! Program is an opportunity to serve your community by helping Goodwill meet the local needs of people with barriers to employment through career training, job placement, and resource connections.

Thousands of individuals and families continue to be impacted by the economic fallout due to the coronavirus pandemic. You will help better the lives of economically disadvantaged individuals by removing barriers in their progression to self-sufficiency, specifically by helping them obtain meaningful and productive employment.

Thanks to our partnership with Volunteer Florida, about 20 individuals serve as AmeriCorps State members at Goodwill each year. These members dedicate a year of service to alleviate poverty in Tallahassee and Panama City, Florida.

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What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is an opportunity for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve their communities and their country through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. AmeriCorps members address critical needs in literacy, health, housing, technology, the environment, economic development, and many other fields. It is a chance to apply your skills and energy toward helping others and strengthening the organizations that make a positive difference in Americans’ lives.

Why Serve with our AmeriCorps Goodwill GoodWorks! Program?

  • You will serve your country while you build skills and gain connections that can help you transition to the civilian workforce or to a new career 
  • You will have an opportunity to help individuals who have disabilities; returning to the community from incarceration; who are experiencing homelessness; who are single parents; and who have other barriers that put them at a disadvantage in getting and staying out of poverty 
  • You will empower our local communities by providing occupational skills training and assistance in finding jobs and becoming employed 
  • You will also join a nationwide network of current and previous AmeriCorps members strengthening our communities 

Member Benefits

  • You will learn teamwork, communication, responsibility, personal and professional development, and other essential skills that will boost your resume and future job prospects 
  • Receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award upon successful completion of servicethat can be used to pay off qualified student loans or to finance college, graduate school, or vocational training at eligible institutions 
  • Defer repayment of your current student loans while in service 
  • Receive a modest bi-weekly living allowance  
  • Full-time AmeriCorps member get health coverage benefits 

Member Duties

Depending on the service description, members provide the full breadth of training necessary for obtaining a good job by completing tasks such as: 

  • Volunteer recruitment and event coordinating 
  • Completing employment barrier assessments 
  • Helping to remove employment barriers 
  • Refer clients to appropriate services 
  • Offer computer skills and financial classes 
  • Create e-courses and classroom-based programs 
  • Teach and proctor classes on a variety of subjects 
  • Providing one-on-one and on-the-job training 
  • Offering employability skills 
  • And more! 

Member Service Descriptions (Links Coming Soon)

Tallahassee Site

  • Trainer  
  • Resource Connector  
  • Volunteer Developer

Panama City Site 

  • Trainer  
  • Resource Connector  
  • Volunteer Developer

Half-time: (Site Locations: Panama City and TallahasseeFlorida)
900 hours; modest biweekly living allowance of $324.38; education award of $3,172.50 

Want to Learn More?

Contact our AmeriCorps Goodwill GoodWorks! Program Manager, Patricia Martinez at or give us a call at (850) 866-7130.

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