Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Goodwill has everything you need for a sweet date with your boo! Going out with your special someone doesn’t have to be expensive; here are five inexpensive date ideas that will let you spend time with your person without breaking the bank.

1. Scavenger Hunt

The best part about a treasure hunt is that you get to decide what the treasure is. Create a list of things to track down and explore the store together! Your scavenger hunt might include a trinket that reminds you of your childhood, something your partner will find funny, or even matching shirts. Pick your favorite of the treasures you find to buy as a date-night memento.

Dine on a Dime - Valentines suggestions from Goodwill

2. DIY Date Night Decor

Plan a nice dinner or a cute picnic with decorations and props found from your local Goodwill. For dinner at home, you can find unique tablecloths with fancy patterns and beautiful selections of china and wine glasses. If you’re thinking of a picnic in the park, hunt for vintage picnic baskets and blankets for amazing prices. You can liven it all up with heart-shaped decorations, funky candles, and lots of love.

3. Funny Outfit Challenge

This challenge will guarantee a date full of laughter. Set a budget, and have you and your partner explore the store looking for outfits for each other. There are no rules! Look for the most mismatched patterns, silly hats, and sparkly shoes. Or try to find something you know your significant other will love! Purchase each outfit, change into it, and go enjoy an activity together. This will be a date night that you’ll never forget.

Dine on a Dime - Valentines tips from Goodwill

4. Game Night

It’s a classic for a reason! A card or board game makes for a simple but quality date night. Grab your partner, pick up a game you’ve never played before, and learn the rules together. Order some inexpensive takeout or make dinner and play as many rounds as you want. See the competitive side of your partner and get ready to fight for your bragging rights!

Dine on a Dime - Valentines ideas from Goodwill

5. Blind Date with a Book

For couples who love books as much as they love each other, a blind date with a book is the best excuse to add another read to the collection. You can pick out anything you feel your person would like, or surprise them with a few selections. If your love language is quality time, cozying up on the couch with your partner and a good book is sure to make the perfect date. 

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