With the start of the school year, it’s important that kids have opportunities to unleash their creativity and engage in exciting DIY projects outside of schoolwork. Goodwill is your ultimate source for finding unique materials and inspiration to fuel your creative endeavors. In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of fun and budget-friendly crafts that you can create using Goodwill finds. Get ready to dive into the world of DIY and let your child’s imagination soar with Goodwill as their crafting companion.

Child making arts and crafts

Ocean-inspired Crafts

Bring the magic of the ocean to your child’s crafts with Goodwill finds. Look for seashells, nautical-themed items, and glassware that can be transformed into beautiful sea-themed crafts. Create a seashell necklace, paint a seashell wind chime, or make a beach-themed sensory bottle using sand and small shells. Let your child’s creativity wash ashore!

Upcycled Art

Discover old frames, fabric scraps, and discarded toys that can be transformed into masterpieces at a Goodwill near you. Turn a thrifted frame into a colorful picture frame collage or repurpose old t-shirts into vibrant canvas art. Encourage your child to think outside the box and let their creativity shine.

Up-cycled art made of cans and bottles

Dress-up Fun

Clothes for costumes and accessories can certainly be found at Goodwill, perfect for your child’s imaginative play. Encourage your child to create their own unique characters using thrifted clothing and accessories. Let them explore their creativity by designing their own superhero cape, fairy wings, or pirate hat. They may even be inspired to make socks puppets of their favorite characters. Watch as their imaginations come to life as they play pretend or put on a play!

Nature-inspired Creations

Take advantage of Goodwill’s selection of nature-inspired items to create crafts that celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors. Find vintage pots, garden tools, and small figurines that can be transformed into whimsical fairy gardens. Collect pinecones and twigs to create nature-inspired mobiles or use leaves and flowers to make colorful pressed artwork.

Storybook Crafts

Goodwill is a fantastic resource for finding children’s books and transforming them into crafts inspired by their favorite stories. Help your child create puppets using characters from beloved books or turn the pages into a unique paper garland. Encourage them to retell the stories through their own imaginative crafts.

Child holding blank book with crayons and toys scattered around

Let Goodwill ignite your child’s creativity and make their crafting adventures unforgettable. From upcycled art and ocean-inspired crafts to dress-up fun, nature-inspired creations, and storybook crafts, Goodwill offers endless possibilities for DIY projects that will inspire and engage your child.

By utilizing Goodwill finds in their crafts, you not only encourage your child’s creativity but also promote sustainability and support Goodwill’s mission of job training and community programs. So, gather the crafting supplies, unleash your child’s imagination, and embark on a journey of creativity and fun with Goodwill as your partner in DIY adventures.

Remember, the joy and sense of accomplishment that come from creating something with their own hands are priceless. Let Goodwill be the catalyst for your child’s creativity. Together, you can make unforgettable memories and watch their imaginations soar through the power of DIY with Goodwill finds!

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