How do I find a location near me?
To find your nearest location, please enter your zip code in the box on the top right corner of our home page.

How do my purchases help?
At Goodwill Big Bend, 87 cents of every dollar made goes to fund our mission. Your purchases help fund a wide variety of career training and placement programs that serve those with disabilities and other barriers to employment. This includes veterans, ex-offenders, those with limited education or work experience, at risk youth, homeless individuals, and others who are at-risk or in need. In addition we offer free online learning through www.gwcareercampus.com. We offer music education, family strengthening services, youth mentoring, financial wellness and debt management classes, and even a fitness and wellness program. No one will be turned away. Goodwill Big Bend also has 12 apartment communities where we provide affordable housing for those in need.

What is the return policy for your retail stores?

Because we are a second-hand store, all sales are final. For more information, a store manager will be happy to speak with you and work with you if needed.

Can I donate items at retail stores?
Yes! All of our retail stores accept donated goods. Please see our Donation Guidelines for a list of acceptable donation items.

Are there other places I can drop off donations?
Yes! We have many attended donations centers (ADC’s) around the big bend as well as drop off boxes throughout the community.

How do I find a donation center near me?
To find your nearest location, please enter your zip code in the top right corner of our home page for a donation center near you.

Why should I donate to my local Goodwill rather than another thrift store?
Goodwill offers a hand-up, not a hand-out, to individuals with disabilities and vocational disadvantages. Your donations help create jobs for thousands of people in need. And you can rest assured that the money we raise from retail sales, environmental business services, and financial gifts is put to good use throughout your local community. When someone finds a job, they gain more than a paycheck. They gain a sense of pride, dignity and financial stability, and become productive, contributing members of the community. It’s a long-term and far-reaching solution to many of the problems our country faces today.

For-profit thrift stores sometimes arrange to use a charity’s name to collect donations in exchange for a flat fee or a percentage of sales. This is not often publicized, and that charity often makes less than 5 cents for every dollar spent. To learn more about how Goodwill’s retail stores provide for our mission, visit: https://www.goodwillbigbend.org/5-things-you-should-know-about-goodwill/

What items do you accept for donation?
See our Donation Guidelines for a list of acceptable and unacceptable donation items. We accept items that are in good condition and can be sold “as is.” We make the best use of items that are clean, complete and in sellable condition. We cannot accept items that are in need of repair, incomplete or in poor condition (although e-waste — anything with a battery or a plug — is accepted in any condition). We only accept items that comply with environmental hazard and public safety rulings. When hazardous chemicals or other dangerous materials are donated to Goodwill, they put staff members and the community at risk for exposure and potentially serious danger. Please think before you donate.

Do you accept monetary donations?
Yes! Though Goodwill Big Bend is almost fully self-reliant, we depend on community support for the remainder of our operating budget, program expansions, and capital expenses, such as training tools and construction projects.

How does donating to Goodwill help our environment?
The average American discards about 68 pounds of used clothing per year, which doesn’t include household items, accessories, furniture, e-waste or shoes that are also tossed into landfills on an annual basis. And clothing materials can take up to 50 years to decompose, while plastics and metals can take hundreds of years. With 15 percent of all garbage being made up of reusable items, it’s important for everyone to take stock before tossing the trash. Goodwill Industries International has been a pioneer in “reduce, reuse, and repurpose” since 1916, and has diverted almost 3 billion pounds of usable goods from landfills thanks to your generous donations.

What should I do with my cell phone before I donate or recycle it?
Prior to donating or recycling your cell phone, there are three things you need to do:

  • Terminate your service.
  • Clear the phone’s memory of contacts and other stored information.
  • Manually delete all information, and follow instructions from your wireless carrier or the product manual on how to conduct a factory hard reset; Use data erasing tools that are available on the web.
  • Remove your SIM card and shred or cut it in half. If you are not sure if your phone uses a SIM card or if you need assistance removing your SIM card, contact your service provider or manufacturer.

Does Goodwill make house calls to pick up donations?
Yes! We offer free home pick-up for large items. Simply call the number below for your location to schedule a home pick-up. Moving or Downsizing? We even offer a free service where a donation expert will come into your home and help you box up your donations to Goodwill and provide you with your tax-deductible receipt.

Call to schedule a home pick up – 850-279-5711

What happens to donated items that aren’t sold at Goodwill stores?
Our goal is to try to generate money to fund Goodwill programs from every item that is donated. So in most cases, we’ll do what we can to get items in salable shape. As for items that can’t be sold in our stores, we’ve found other creative uses for them. For instance, we recycle old clothing scraps into industrial wipes (cleaning cloths) for industrial buyers. Other items that are too damaged for retail sales are sold to salvage brokers. Often we will donate items we can’t use to organizations who can. We love to give back!

Career Services

How do I enroll in an online class?
We would love to have you join us for classes and then give us feedback in order to improve them. There is no better assurance of getting a job than being well-trained in your chosen field. Enroll in our online classes by visiting www.gwcareercampus.com.

Are all of your classes really free?
Yes, Goodwill does not charge you for the classes. The community helps to pay the costs of these classes by donating to us. There are, however, some national licensing associations that charge for you to receive a copy of your credential. These fees vary based on the credential obtained and the association. If you need a copy of your credential, you will be responsible for paying the fees charged by the association, but Goodwill will not charge you.

Does Goodwill offer volunteer opportunities?
Yes! Our volunteers allow us to serve the community in ways we couldn’t do all on our own. We love working with and training our volunteers in all aspects of service at Goodwill. To find out more about volunteering at Goodwill, contact our volunteer coordinator at:

Tallahassee: Phone: (850) 576-7145 • Email: acprosperity@goodwillbigbend.com
Panama City Phone: (850) 522-3900 • Email: acspringfield1@goodwillbigbend.com