Get Ready for Halloween with Goodwill!

Have you begun to notice a crispness in the air that wasn’t there before? While it may be gone by mid-day, our mornings have begun to cool, and our favorite time of year is on its way. Fall means great weather, beautiful colors, and wonderful smells we’ve come to know and love. Make Goodwill your place to shop this fall, for Halloween, décor, and more.

Goodwill is your official Halloween Headquarters and has everything you need to get ready for this fall and Halloween season. Whether you’re looking to add subtle touches of fall color to your home, or are going all-out with a spooky haunted house, check out our homewares sections for décor that won’t break the bank. The best part is, you can donate everything back after you use it, and pick new items out next year! No need to let items collect dust in storage or in your attic.

Looking to shop sustainably for Halloween this year?  Head over to your local Goodwill to check out our new costumes (on massive sale!) or take some time to create your own unique Halloween look. With great prices on new and gently used costumes and accessories, plus a whole store of donated goods, you’re sure to find the perfect costumes for the whole family, including your furry friends!

Witchy Woman

Looking for an easy costume that you can make your way? Grab a black dress and black accessories to create that witchy vibe. Finish off your costume with a pointy hat and straw broom and you are ready for a night of tricks and treats.

Be Super

Are the kiddos begging you to get them a cape and mask this year for Halloween? Don’t overspend at big box stores! Instead, come into Goodwill – we have everything you need. Start off with your favorite superhero’s colors and look for a shirt and pants. Next, you will need a cape to have that super feel (unless you are being styled by Edna Mode of course), and a mask to protect your identity. Our new goods racks have lots of “super” accessories to help you build those costumes.

Grab Your Wings

Go on a treasure hunt in Goodwill’s racks with your little fairies to look for the perfect dress or skirt. Once you discover the perfect fairy dress, find some slippers and a pair of wings, and there you have it! Don’t forget to add in a crown to finish it off.

Goodwill has a huge inventory of new and gently used items for Halloween this year, so hurry into your closest Goodwill retail store before all of our best items are gone! To find your closest store click the button below.

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