Shelia Fuith Success Story

Sheila Fuith

Coming to Goodwill in 2013 for a lodging class was a leap of faith for Sheila, who as single mother needed to spend more time with her very gifted 12 year old daughter. As soon as she learned we offered the nationally recognized certifications through American Hotels and Lodging Educational Institute, she immediately enrolled. She then joined the class for the Guest Service Gold training and the exams. She passed both exams with flying colors, earning two certifications and a lapel pin.

After being placed in a hotel position by Goodwill, she survived a robbery at gunpoint while working her shift at the hotel’s front desk. She credits Goodwill’s training for giving her the skills to handle the situation. She not only survived, but she was able to describe the person well enough that police caught him just hours later.

Now working in reservations at another local resort, she has had the highest sales each month for her department, even setting a new company record. Because of Shelia, her employer has hired another of the program’s participants, and has Goodwill come to conduct Guest Service Gold workshops for their entire guest services department.