Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Goodwill

Building a wardrobe is usually an expensive task, but it doesn’t have to be. At Goodwill, you can find many of the brands and styles people love, for a fraction of the price. Rachel Kruse, who works at Ramba Consulting, a lobbying firm right here in Tallahassee, sat down with us and shared her tips and tricks for curating her perfect wardrobe with the help of Goodwill.

Goodwill Industries – Big Bend (GIBB): How would you describe your style?

Rachel Kruse (RK): For work, I dress in business casual, and because that is what I am in a majority of the time, it has had a large impact on what I wear outside of work. I wear dresses all the time, so when I am in Goodwill, I always stop by the dress rack to look for pieces I can wear to work but also dress up/down for the weekend.

GIBB: What percentage of your closet would you say is from Goodwill?

RK: 95%. And it has taken about 4 years to get to that point – be patient!

GIBB: What tips do you have for other people who want to start building a wardrobe through thrifting?

RK: Don’t expect to find something every time. Also, don’t buy anything unless you’d buy it new in a store. I try to visit my two favorite Goodwill stores every weekend to see what I may find, and I always go in the mornings because the items haven’t been picked through yet from other shoppers earlier in the day. As you build your closet, know what you have and what you need more of. There are days I walk out with nothing because I have so much already and am not going to buy the same thing. I also like to go on the weekends because I like to make sure I have plenty of time to look. Shopping at Goodwill is not like at the mall, you cant expect to walk in and immediately see everything, you have to do a little digging. Give yourself time to shuffle through each and every piece, shop different sizes and sections you normally wouldn’t, and you’re bound to find a buried treasure among the racks.


GIBB: What is your favorite part of shopping at Goodwill?

RK: Goodwill is not just a thrift store, when you shop at Goodwill, you are helping others in your community through the money made in the retail stores. I think a lot of people forget that because Goodwill keeps the two separate, but when I shop there I am happy to know my money is going to do good.

Shopping at Goodwill may seem like a daunting task to some, but for many, like Rachel, it has become a hobby to enjoy regularly. The best part? Over time, Rachel’s been able to build a curated wardrobe of one-of-a-kind finds for business and pleasure. Stop into your nearest Goodwill to start building your unique wardrobe today.

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