#NationalBestFriendsDay is here, and Goodwill’s got you covered with clothes and things to help
keep you and your bestie entertained this summer. Whether you’re looking to start a new project
together, or add a fun twist to a budget-friendly shopping day, the possibilities are endless.


Level Up Your Wall Decor

If you and your BFF are looking for a way to spice up your wall décor, but don’t want to break the bank, this is the perfect DIY for you. Visit your local Goodwill and head to the wares section to hunt for a few different baskets, bowls, and placemats; shape and style don’t matter for this project, so get creative with it and showcase your personal style! Once you’ve both collected your baskets, lay out the baskets in a few different configurations, and hang the pattern you like best. This is a great DIY that lets you spend time with your best friend, lets your creativity flow, and creates amazing boho decor for a fraction of the price.

Working out

BFF Bookstore Battle

Summer is here, and we often find ourselves with much more time on our hands with longer days and no school. If you and your bestie are looking for some summer activities, Goodwill has plenty of options. Make a challenge of it, head to our local Tallahassee bookstores and bring a timer. Once you’re there, get an idea of the kinds of book you each love, set a timer, and start the hunt for their new favorite read. Whoever finds the best book, wins!


 Spice up your Plants

The warmer weather and rainy days of summer means it is the perfect time to become a plant parent, and Goodwill has the tools you need to be the best ones out there. With pots and vases for every taste, find a stylish vessel for your plant at any Goodwill. Scour the wares section and try mixing and matching shapes and styles to show off your own unique personality. Grab your best friend, shop
for your supplies, and try your green-thumb this summer. 

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